Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Week in Kenya

The Day of the African Child

My time here in Kenya is coming to a close. Part of me is sad, because I have really enjoyed my time here and have learned so much. I have also met some great people and built some awesome friendships. I have to admit I am ready to leave, I am pretty darn ready to see my husband. The last few days I have missed him even more, maybe it is because I will see him so soon.

There was a large group of people that went white water rafting but I decided to stay around Eldoret for my last weekend. It has been a very relaxing weekend. Last night we cooked a great meal which included grilling out :) Today I played soccer for several hours with a large group of Kenyans and few Americans. It was great, but they ran circles around us.

I am done rounding on the wards. I am going to spend this week visiting several different clinics. On Monday I am going to the adult Oncology clinic, Tuesday Cardiology clinic, and Wednesday diabetes clinic. I am looking forward to the clinic environment and a break from the wards.

This past Saturday was The Day of the African Child. It is a day to honor the children and bring attention to the huge problem of homeless children in Eldoret. I joined a parade of street children that went through town and then watched some of the program. It was a fun event but sad to see hundreds of street children.

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  1. Ahh Mackenzie. One adventure ends and another one starts. Enjoy your European vacation and all the new and exciting things you will get to see and do. And to do them with your very best friend is even better.
    Love you so Mom