Sunday, June 19, 2011

I have found my new home!

Esslingen, Germany

This is a small town that Ivan's family friend took us to today. It was so quaint and beautiful that I immediately fell in love. I am unable to post pictures at this time but I promise to share with everyone when we get home.

So if you couldn't tell I am no longer in Kenya. Ivan and I met in the Amsterdam airport on Friday morning. Ivan arrived in Amsterdam on Tuesday so he had a head start in the city. We spent Friday exploring Amsterdam which included: Anne Frank's home, numerous canal walks, historical muesum, the red light district, and meeting up with our friend Eva for a great dinner. I think we walked over 10 miles exploring the streets. On Saturday morning we experienced Duth pancakes (crepes) which might be my new favorite food. They were AMAZING!

We took the train from Amsterdam to Stuttgart, Germany. We were both a little nervous about the train system...but it went just fine. Tanya, Charles, and Daniel were waiting for us at the train station. We are now enjoying Stuttgart and the surrounding area. It is so great to catch up with Tanya and the Jochims. I especially love Daniel...he is adorable and tons of fun to play with.

We will be in Stuttgart until Tuesday afternoon and then we are heading to Fussen, Germany. Hopefully Ivan will be able to get me home because I am falling in love with small European towns.


  1. Mackenzie,
    Don't make me come over there and get you. You had best come home. I miss you too much! Sounds like an amazing trip...enjoy...and I will see you NEXT Wednesday.

  2. So glad your birthday was special, and I am even "gladder" that you and Ivan are onto your travels!!! (But please do come home!) :)