Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kenyan Birthday

Birthday Girl

Birthday cake with sparklers.

Karaoke and dancing

Ryan holding a large plate of goat meat. DELICIOUS!!

Enjoying some goat meat :)

This is our meat took three hours.

The whole crew!

I have to admit even though I am 28 years old I was a little sad to spend my birthday away from my family. But I have to say my friends here in Kenya made this one of my best and most memorable birthdays.

The celebration actually started the evening of June 14th. The plan was to go eat delicious roasted meat and then go to Karaoke night at the club. We spread the word about the party and ended up with over 20 people. Even the Kenyan medical interns came out to join us. We ordered over 20 kilos of roasted goat and chicken. The meat takes 3 hours to cook so we all sat around eating appetizers, drinking, and chatting. It was so much fun.

After we devoured as much delicious meat as our stomachs could hold we headed to the club Spree for Karaoke and dancing. It was quite entertaining watching the Kenyans sing American pop songs. I did get up and sing with Beth - we did not get kicked off the stage.

So you would think this would be the end of an awesome it keeps going. I am telling you my friends here are awesome. On June 15th I woke up to my door being decorated with ballons. All day people were wishing me a Happy Birthday. We went out for our weekly group dinner and when we came back they surprised me with a birthday cake with sparklers in the place of candles (note: we smoked up the dinning room with the sparklers as they are very difficult to blow out). We stayed up playing games and hanging out.

Thanks for all your e-mails and messages on facebook! I had a great birthday.

I am actually all packed and will be headed out in the next hour. I am flying overnight to Amsterdam to meet Ivan. We will be traveling around for the next two weeks. I hope I can keep up the blog while we travel. Thank you for following on this awesome adventure. I am sad to say goodbye to Kenya but very excited for the next part of my trip.

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  1. Hurrah for you! What a fun birthday!!! You deserve it. Have a great time in Amsterdam and send my love to my brother and his family. I miss miss miss you!