Sunday, May 1, 2011

Landed in Amsterdam

I have landed in Amsterdam and I am waiting for my plane to Nairobi. I still have about four hours of waiting. I discovered you can get 30 minutes of free wireless internet so I thought I would throw a quick note up on my blog. So far the trip is going well. I am bit on the tired side, and not really looking forward to getting back on another plane for 9 hours. I can't complain because every thing has gone smoothly thus far.

I was excited to see a Starbucks at the Amsterdam airport. So I ordered my classic Vanilla Soy Chai (which does not have any coffee in it), I guess a Vanilla Soy Chai in Europe is different because mine sure tastes like coffee. Oh well...I can probably use a little extra caffeine.

I think the best part about airports is people watching. It is amazing the diversity you see and all the languages you hear if you just stop and listen.

Well I miss you all already! Thanks for following me on my blog. I will write again soon from Kenya!

Ivan: I watched the movie Black Swan on the airplane, it was really dark and strange. Just thought I would let you know :)


  1. Black Swan on an airplane?? That seems like the worst place to watch it ever... But, yes, it is dark and strange, so there you go. I love you!