Monday, May 23, 2011

Giraffes, The Rift Valley, and The Rainforest

Our rainforest guide taking a break on the river.

Gillian and I enjoying the view of the rainforest.

Beth, Jaime, Sarah, and I overlooking the Great Rift Valley.

My buddy giraffe at Kruger Farms.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, the internet has not been working ver well at the IU house. It has been working on and off for the past hour so I am trying to get some pictures and stories up for you to read. There is so much to write about it is hard to put these experiences into words on a blog. I am trying the best I can and hope you enjoy it. Hopefully, the internet will cooperate better with me and I can write more.

This past weekend we took two day trips which were both a lot of fun. On Saturday we went to a place called Kruger farm. This is a large farm owned by a South African family. When Eldoret was expanding the giraffes in the area were being killed for their meat and hides. They transported a family of giraffes over to Kruger farm to protect them from poachers. So you can walk the farm and look for family of giraffes. We found them after about an hour hike. There was a family of about 15 and they let us get within 10-15 feet and take lots of pictures.

After our visit to Kruger farms we drove to The Great Rift Valley where we ate at an awesome restaurant that overlooked the valley. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed the view.

On Sunday we took a group for a hike in the Rainforest. Kakamega forest is the only remaining rainforest in Kenya. We hired a guide who took us on a four hour hike through the rainforest. It was beautiful! We were very glad to have the guide because we would have been lost in about 5 minutes. Plus he pointed out all the cool birds, monkeys, butterflies, and plant life.

Another weekend full of adventure. My plan was to just stay at IU house and relax but I couldn't pass it up when people asked me if I wanted to join them. I hope you enjoy the pictures!!


  1. Just incredible pictures! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Do you have a contact for Kruger farms would like to visit.